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About Fire & Peace

Fire & Peace Recovery was born in the pursuit of connection. In a world where getting lost and misguided is all too easy, we believe that true contentment and fulfilment stems from rekindling those vital connections, particularly with Mother Nature.

Founded with this vision, in November 2018, we launched our pilot “Recovery with Nature” program. Nestled in the Highlands of Scotland, our Fire & Peace camp became a sanctuary away from the daily noise for a diverse group in various stages of their recovery. Here, amidst the serene landscapes, they not only found solace but rekindled connections with themselves, each other, and the powerful embrace of nature. The success of this pilot wasn't just measurable; it was transformative and a newfound, and unique approach to the world of recovery emerged.

In January 2021 Fire & Peace received its esteemed charity status marking this the official beginning of our impactful journey. Since then, it's been all guns blazing as we strive to create a space where individuals find solace, safety, purpose, belonging, love and strength through the therapeutic embrace of nature.

What sets us apart is not just our wealth of outdoor bushcraft experience, but a profound understanding of mental health and addiction issues gained through first-hand experience. We aren't just here to guide; we're here to connect on a level that goes beyond words.

Talk to us – we understand.


Holistic Support and a Unique Path to Recovery

While Fire & Peace Recovery isn't a conventional recovery centre we do provide a distinctive layer of support that complements the traditional approaches. 

Our trips serve as a complementary experience, weaving the healing potential of the Great Outdoors into the fabric of your recovery journey. We understand that recovery is a multi-faceted process, and connecting with nature can be a vital and transformative component.

Embark on a journey with Fire & Peace, where nature becomes your guide and every step forward is a step toward holistic recovery. This is a unique and complementary approach to recovery that goes beyond prescriptions and traditional methods.

Becoming Circular

Our Vision

Modern life's relentless pace and constant connectivity have taken a toll on mental health, with mental health disorders now affecting one in four people every year. 

At Fire & Peace, we champion a circular approach to well-being, believing that the key lies in disengaging from the square, tech-dominated life. Have you noticed that life is very “square” nowadays: you work from a square office, using a square computer, going to work in your square car… but you belong to the Circular World!

This square setup is jarring our ability to develop meaningful connections. Human beings are meant to be: “circular”, life is a cycle; nature is circular, trees are circular. Nature, to us, is more than therapy; it's a vital element that should permeate all aspects of our lives. While we don't claim that a single wilderness trip will cure your mental health conditions, our vision is clear — to inspire individuals to reconnect with the outdoors.

Life is a cycle, nature is circular, and we invite you to embrace the rejuvenating, cyclical essence of both.


“Rest is not idleness, and to lie under the trees, watching the clouds floating by, is not a waste of time.”

- Sir John Lubbock, Naturalist

Meet the Team

Meet Our Founder

Meet Gerry Ward: Founder and Director 

Gerry Ward, the driving force behind Fire & Peace, is a seasoned outdoors enthusiast with a passion for camping that spans 35 years of experience. His journey took a transformative turn during an Arctic expedition with Ray Mears and Lars Falt, where he not only acquired survival skills in extreme conditions but found his calling to reconnect people with Mother Nature's simple treasures.

In 2016, Gerry confronted multi-factorial stress leading to chronic anxiety and deep depression. Recognising the toxicity of modern life, he sought balance and freedom. Returning to nature, Gerry discovered the profound impact of outdoor therapy, leading to the birth of Fire & Peace Recovery

Gerry's journey isn't solitary; it's marked by encounters with kindred spirits who share Fire & Peace's ethos. Together, they spread a message of hope, compassion, support, and love, offering a powerful tool in the recovery toolbox for all seeking a connection with nature.


A Message from Gerry

“During my personal journey I found that the only way I would ever be able to start healing was to become vulnerable and to share my innermost emotions and feelings. This was a terrifying prospect as it triggered me to the mindset that "if I am vulnerable I will be taken advantage of again just as I was when I was a child". However, I learned on this journey that so long as I shared with people I trusted and loved, I would be safe, and the chains of past trauma could be broken and the healing could start.


This was not an overnight journey and it took me years to be able to talk openly about my childhood and the ripple effects it has on a child during adolescence and adulthood. I will never be a finished project, I will always be a work in progress. I am absolutely fine with that.

Vulnerability is not a weakness, it can be your biggest strength so long as it is shared and shown to those who love and care unconditionally.


Growth comes only from within, and we are the single owner of our heart and soul.

Even if you don't believe in yourself just yet, please know that WE believe in YOU and your journey can start anytime. It is NEVER too late. NEVER!”

The Team


Brian Droy

Senior Outdoor Lead

Brian is our outdoor expert cook and has years of knowledge using traditional cooking methods in the wilderness. Brian loves nothing more than to pass his expertise on to those around him and watch them flourish with pride as they make their first Scottish Stove. Growing up with Gerry, he is also a Lord of The Rings and Dragonlance fanatic and together they have spent decades in the forests using their vivid imaginations to escape the city life (yes, he too is a fantasy geek!).


Melissa Heywood

Charity Officer

Melissa is our charity officer, she keeps the funding coming in and the wheels turning behind the scenes. Without her, we would really struggle to continue delivering our ethos and vision. Melissa’s love for the outdoors comes from the numerous childhood adventures she went on with her family in the Cairngorm Mountains. Melissa also took Fire & Peace to its highest point yet when she summited Mount Kilimanjaro with one of our charity flags at hand in August 2023.


Lee Jamieson

Recovery Lead

Lee is one of our Recovery Leads and inspiration to everyone she meets. Lee's story will humble anyone who hears it and her courage and strength inspires us all. Lee is also one of our Women Empowerment leaders and has a wealth of knowledge around the world of recovery. She has taken to the outdoors lifestyle like a duck to water (without the webbed feet).


Joanne Galbraith

Women Empowerment Lead
Youth Movement Lead

Meet Jo, our amazing and inspirational Women Empowerment and Youth lead. Jo is the full-time Campus Police officer at Drumchapel High School and brings a wealth of knowledge to our ethos and vision. She provides valuable support to our beneficiaries on so many levels. When Jo is not at work she can be found in extremely cold water doing her cold water therapy and meditation.

kash web.jpg

Kash Farooq

Fitness & Wellbeing Champion

We are sure many of you may already know the name of Kash through his status as a professional boxer who was in line to fight for the World Title in Las Vegas. Kash’s career is nothing short of world class. Kash brings his knowledge of fitness and discipline to our mission where he supports the delivery of our youth movement. Giving our young people hope, purpose and inspiration. We want to get Kash out on one of our winter trips but he is one for the heat, not the ice and snow!

Scott Brown.jpeg

Scott Brown

Recovery Lead

Scott is one of our experienced and inspirational recovery leads. Scott's story is nothing short of amazing and he is a fully committed member of our core team. His story from where he was in life to where he is now is something he can be very proud of, as are we of his achievements. Scott works extremely hard on trips making sure that everyone is well looked after. He is also a football fanatic but we will keep the team he supports a secret for now.

Jade Napier Website.jpg

Jade Napier

Recovery lead

Meet Jade, another of our amazing core team members who has shown real passion and commitment for our cause and ethos. Jade is a pocket of energy that shines forth everywhere she goes, hence her nickname “pocketrocket”. Jade’s story of survival and her fight to remain substance free in the world of recovery, are nothing short of inspirational for anyone blessed enough to hear her story.


Ludmila Moura

Youth Ambassador

Ludmila has now been on many Fire & Peace trips and has shown compassion, enthusiasm, passion and love for our ethos and vision. She is an example to everyone she comes into contact with and will be pivotal in helping us shape up our Youth Movement for years to come. Ludmila’s connection with Mother Nature is beautiful and she enjoys finding moments of tranquillity among the trees.


Jay Brogan

Youth Ambassador

Jay was our very first Youth Ambassador and one of the founding team members of our Youth Movement. Jay’s enthusiasm for learning outdoor skills is truly inspirational and he is a real natural. His knowledge of life and the challenges it can bring are way beyond his years. He is a natural leader showing great passion and we are looking forward to seeing him come into his element all in the name of love and recovery.


Aimee Jauncey

Youth Ambassador

Meet Aimee, another of our fantastic Youth Ambassadors with a passion that shines everywhere she goes. Her commitment to our cause has influenced so many people, young and old. As our Youth Movement moves to the next level, Aimee's knowledge will be priceless in helping us grow and develop into the next chapter of our journey. Aimee has a passion for cold water therapy and once she has entered the water it is extremely difficult to get her back out.


Liam Hunter

Youth Ambassador

Liam is our youngest Youth Ambassador but don't be fooled by his young looks. Liam is a young man who has great compassion for Fire & Peace Recovery, and understands our ethos and vision. Liam once attempted to sneak a chicken on our minibus and rehome it in his house. We had to say “no” due to the fact that we are sure his mum wouldn’t have been too pleased.

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